Alla and Co. Non-Profit Fundraising

Alla & Co. offers full service consulting expertise in non-profit fundraising including annual campaigns, board development, communications, and strategic planning. We have a special niche in launching or re-vamping high-end fundraising events. Our unique and creative approach to special events allows our non-profit partners to build long term, sustainable relationships with their volunteer leaders and donors. Our take on fundraising strategy is comprehensive and based on building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with community and business leaders through a first-class volunteer and event experience.

We are a boutique company with a strategic, custom tailored, hands-on approach. Our event consulting is soup to nuts, sponsorships to centerpieces. From committee recruitment to sponsorship packages to collateral materials to auction strategy to logistics – we manage it all.

Alla & Co. allows our non-profit partners to benefit from the expertise and experience of a topnotch development consultant at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time staff person. We generate long term, sustainable results while showing volunteers and donors a really great time.

Combined, the Alla & Co. team has over 60 years of business and non-profit professional expertise and we bring it all, with passion, purpose, and humor, to our serve our clients.

About Us

Alla Zeltser is the Principal of Alla & Co. (formerly Fitch & Sons), a boutique consulting firm founded on the premise that event-based fundraising needs to be sustainable, strategic, comprehensive, cohesive and exceptionally awesome.

Alla has been serving the needs of the non-profit community for over 20 years. In the last decade, Alla’s events have raised over $20 million dollars. Her fundraising events have received local and national acclaim.

Not An Auctioneer

After many years of being frustrated with inconsistent charity auctioneers, Alla launched “Not an Auctioneer” – a full service auctioneering company specifically tailored for fundraising events. Not an Auctioneer boasts an incredible success rate – consistently increasing YOY auction and fund-the-need revenues at events in the range of 50%-150% growth.

So she’s not an auctioneer?

She’s so much more than an auctioneer! First, Alla doesn’t do the weird fast-talking thing – your charity auction is not a cattle auction. Her focus is on keeping the audience engaged through friendly banter, comic relief, and audience engagement.

Why is a fundraiser good at auctioneering?

An auction is no different than any other fundraiser. A skilled fundraiser warms up the crowd, cultivates donors, properly makes the ask, and then they thank, thank, thank! Alla has a talent for involving guests in the action and thanking them in a way that ensures there’s never any buyer’s remorse.

How does a 5 ft. tall woman have the personality to captivate an audience?

Well, it isn’t from behind a podium because the audience won’t see her! Alla loves to work the stage with a mic in her hand (and maybe some back-up dancers). At any size, an infectious personality like Alla’s helps audiences laugh their way through raising their paddles over and over again, ensuring incredible fundraising success.


Testimonials – People Love Us!

“Alla Zeltser combines high intellectual capacity, a strong work ethic and professional skills far surpassing her peers. I have rarely seen an individual with such depth of skill and capacity as I see in Alla.  Alla demonstrates uniqueness in her capacity for analytic thought combined with superb interpersonal skills. She single-handedly built the fundraising function for The Role Model Program, surpassing every goal set for the organization. She exhibits a rare combination of strategic thinking, drive and an inability to settle for anything less than personal excellence.  She has an extraordinary ability to guide a room of high level, ego-centric business leaders to a shared vision. She is adept at conflict management and maintains a steady optimism in the face of difficult challenges.”  Marybeth Affleck-Nacey

“I had the great privilege to meet and work with Alla through two different charity events where I served as a volunteer auctioneer and master of ceremonies. My main job is running a large advertising agency, but I volunteer my time to help raise money for non-profits that are important to me personally. In the 7 years I have been working events, the two I worked with Alla were by far the most memorable and fun. She brings a level of enthusiasm and entertainment that is all too rare. It makes fundraising a lot easier when the crowd is well fed and captivated by great acts, like David Garibaldi. Alla seeks to make distinctive events that really stand out compared to the dreaded “rubber chicken review” that so many event planners settle for. From distinctive themes and large, dramatic art pieces to hip and delicious food pairings, Alla’s are parties to remember.” Hunter Elkins

“Alla is one of the most amazing development professional I’ve met. The times I’ve worked with her, her services achieved even higher results than forecasted and expected. Beyond her incredible results, Alla is also incredibly personable and a joy to work with. I give Alla my highest recommendation and can’t wait to work with her again.” Young Han

“I’ve attended Alla’s fundraisers and was stunned by both their elegance and their effectiveness. Alla really puts on a great event. Leaving nothing to chance, Alla’s detailed work ensured the attendees left anxiously looking forward to next year’s event. She took care to stay within her budget and exceeded her revenue goals.”  Craig Herren 

 “Alla is a very well connected individual within the non-profit community…She has wonderful ideas and has a great knack for marketing. Alla was instrumental in the development and organization of our largest fundraising event.”  John Rutowicz

“Alla is an enthusiastic individual who is very passionate about her work. She understands and embraces the mission of the not for profit organization and fully engages with her clients to develop concepts into strategic plans for fund raising. She provides A to Z services which include Board Development, Event Management, Campaign Marketing, Resource Management, website development and implementation of software necessary to support ongoing efforts. The positive reviews we received after each event and the money raised, easily cost justified her services. Having now worked directly with Alla on several fund raising events, I highly recommend her for any not for profit fund raising efforts!” Victoria Readnour

“Alla’s organizational skills are invaluable. She is a top-notch event professional and knows how to take an event to the next level.” Natalie Rava

Alla is one of the best event planners I know! Her creativity, thriftiness and relationship building ability allow her to produce beautiful fundraising events on budget. She is calm under pressure and has an eye for detail that allows to over deliver on just about everything she does.” Elissa Fesyk

“Alla is also an excellent fundraiser and strategist. She can sell an organization like nobody’s business and was critical in the success of The Role Model Program during her time there. I worked with Alla for a number of years while serving as a volunteer for The Role Model Program. Alla is a creative go-getter that has a network of connections that goes beyond what Rolodex can provide. Her network has an implicit trust in Alla to do the right thing. She is quick to respond to requests which is a reflection of her organization skills. Alla is a huge asset for any organization. I’m privileged to have worked with her and I hope to do it again someday. ” Ginna Baldassarre

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alla in many different capacities. In all she does I’ve found her to be highly organized, prompt, energetic and always gracious. In a specific instance that I remember at a highly attended event where there was a lot going on at one time, she was always gracious and calm and handled every issue brought to her attention promptly and without drama. She is someone I have and would again turn to for advice and guidance in all areas of the non-profit business” Tracy Elmore

Aside from Alla’s ‘wikipedia’ like knowledge of non-profit consulting fundraising, event management and board development – her unique ability to always see the bigger picture from all the angles make her invaluable to any successful goal-driven organization. Give Alla a vision and she can not only create accountable goals and the steps needed to get a company there but she coordinate and hold accountable the players involved. Aside from being a self-motivated leader she is also an absolute pleasure to work with and I’d highly recommend her for any organization.” James Dohr

“Alla is a tremendous organizer and motivator. Whenever we worked together on a Role Model Program event, it was a huge success. She was the major reason for that success” Randy Hahn, Broadcaster, San Jose Sharks

“Alla is a fundraising dynamo! Does a fabulous for our organization and along with the Executive Director, has been able to foster the organization’s most important relationships.” Guisselle Nunez

Alla is “topnotchs” in the area of marketing. She has a wealth of ideas to promote a business and its programs; plus, she is very professional in her interaction with clients and their associations. Her positive attitude and valued skill set will enhance any company’s aspiration for growth.” Earle Craigie

I have sought Alla’s expertise on several occasions, both in marketing/PR and event coordination capacities. Each and every time I have been delighted with the results, and she has consistently exceeded my expectations. She has the rare gift of achieving great results AND making the process enjoyable along the way. I very highly recommend her!” Ealex Z

Alla takes a different and innovative approach to development and fundraising. She is pleasant to work with, and has a great attitude. Alla works in a diverse arena with many different client types. She seems to thrive on challenges and opportunities. Positive results are her focus, and happy clients are her accomplishments.” Ralph Schardt

“Alla’s work is results-driven. She has successfully grown our fundraising events year over year, bringing the right match of donors to the organization. She works tirelessly and always with a pleasant demeanor and a smile.” Vanessa Fiske

“Alla is extremely well organized and focuses on the details necessary to make a project successful. She understands how to get things done through others. These skills, along with great creative vision, helped get our fundraiser off to a great start.” Patrick Waite

Alla is creative, energetic, persuasive, detail oriented and always has her eye on the bottom line; in both driving revenue and keeping expenses low. Alla is a motivational and effective manager. She has a keen ability to multi task to perfection. Alla is a pleasure to work with. I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with her in another capacity.” Kristen Fiore

Alla has great strategic insight. She always planned ahead, foresaw challenges, and came up with solutions that resulted in a positive outcome. Alla was particularly successful in volunteer development and achieving fundraising goals. It was a pleasure to work on projects with Alla.” Julie Lenden