Alla and Co.

Alla & Co. offers full service consulting expertise in non-profit fundraising including annual campaigns, board development, communications, and strategic planning. We have a special niche in launching or re-vamping high-end fundraising events. Our unique and creative approach to special events allows our non-profit partners to build long term, sustainable relationships with their volunteer leaders and donors. Our take on fundraising strategy is comprehensive and based on building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with community and business leaders through a first-class volunteer and event experience.

We are a boutique company with a strategic, custom tailored, hands-on approach. Our event consulting is soup to nuts, sponsorships to centerpieces. From committee recruitment to sponsorship packages to collateral materials to auction strategy to logistics – we manage it all.

Alla & Co. allows our non-profit partners to benefit from the expertise and experience of a topnotch development consultant at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time staff person. We generate long term, sustainable results while showing volunteers and donors a really great time.

Combined, the Alla & Co. team has over 60 years of business and non-profit professional expertise and we bring it all, with passion, purpose, and humor, to our serve our clients.