Not An Auctioneer

After many years of being frustrated with inconsistent charity auctioneers, Alla launched “Not an Auctioneer” – a full service auctioneering company specifically tailored for fundraising events. Not an Auctioneer boasts an incredible success rate – consistently increasing YOY auction and fund-the-need revenues at events in the range of 50%-150% growth.

So she’s not an auctioneer?

She’s so much more than an auctioneer! First, Alla doesn’t do the weird fast-talking thing – your charity auction is not a cattle auction. Her focus is on keeping the audience engaged through friendly banter, comic relief, and audience engagement.

Why is a fundraiser good at auctioneering?

An auction is no different than any other fundraiser. A skilled fundraiser warms up the crowd, cultivates donors, properly makes the ask, and then they thank, thank, thank! Alla has a talent for involving guests in the action and thanking them in a way that ensures there’s never any buyer’s remorse.

How does a 5 ft. tall woman have the personality to captivate an audience?

Well, it isn’t from behind a podium because the audience won’t see her! Alla loves to work the stage with a mic in her hand (and maybe some back-up dancers). At any size, an infectious personality like Alla’s helps audiences laugh their way through raising their paddles over and over again, ensuring incredible fundraising success.